SteelSeries Team

Attracted by its reputation for favoring plaintiffs, patentees file more cases in the Eastern District of Texas than any other district. But after almost two years of litigation, it took a Marshall, Texas jury less than two hours to completely exonerate Turner Boyd clients SteelSeries ApS and SteelSeries North America Corporation in the District’s first patent verdict of 2016.

From partner Esha Bandyopadhyay’s opening statement to her closing argument, SteelSeries’s defense focused on two key themes: “SteelSeries does it differently, and others did it first.” SteelSeries’s non-infringement defense, presented by partner Joshua Masur, was so compelling that the jury never even reached the question of whether the prior art invalidated the patent-in-suit.

The Turner Boyd team, which also included partner Matthew Smith and associates Louis Wai and Zhuanjia Gu, is happy to have worked with attorneys from Chicago’s Chapman & Cutler, and Michael Smith of Siebman Burg Phillips & Smith to achieve this thrilling victory.

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SteelSeries Verdict