Karen Boyd

Turner Boyd’s founding partner, Karen Boyd, was selected a Top Intellectual Property Lawyer in California by the Daily Journal.

The publication highlighted some of Ms. Boyd’s recent successes, including her invalidation of a patent on summary judgment in a dispute involving healthcare analytics, her securement of a general exclusion order at the International Trade Commission for a client that designs and sells cutting-edge pumping bras, and a bench trial victory in a patent case involving award-winning movie technology. Ms. Boyd is the only attorney named on the list from a firm with fewer than twenty attorneys.

As Ms. Boyd explained, “there are ways to win patent cases that are hyper-technical, but if you get all the way to a trial, it’s the human relationships and themes” that win the day. The key, according to Ms. Boyd, is to “develop[] all of the human side” because “that’s the scaffolding that you need to put all the technical stuff on.” Ms. Boyd said she was “drawn to IP because it was a little more scientific and technical” than other areas of the law, but it didn’t take long until she realized that intellectual property involves “people’s inventions, and companies, and things that matter deeply to them.” And, she explained, the people aspect is what “ended up being what really kept me invested and happy in this field.”

Ms. Boyd founded the boutique intellectual property firm almost ten years ago with the goal to successfully represent clients in intellectual property and technology related matters in a strategic and efficient manner. Turner Boyd maintains that same goal today, providing clients with experience and quality of a large firm, but with the personalized service and value of a small firm.